Top 10 Live Football streaming Apps

If you're a big fan of football, you'll want to make sure you can always keep an eye on the games you want to watch. You'll be able to see it all if you find the right football streaming app.

Sports fans are always wanting to stay connected to the live matches they can get access to. This is true for their favorite teams they root for as much as it is for just enjoying the sports they love in general.

Everyone wants updates and the ability to keep up with the latest sports news while on the go, be it scores, trades, injuries, or coaches getting hired and fired.

A large part of this modern love for sports is from the fact that technology drives the world, since you can enjoy so much of this anywhere your smartphone gets a good signal. The latest and greatest sports streaming apps let users watch videos from the comfort of your car or cubicle or any other place in the world.

That's also anytime of day or night! On the other hand, the current market has a seemingly endless supply of sports streaming apps, which can make choosing a select few or even one quite a confounding process. You want to have at least one in order to enjoy live information and broadcasts when possible, but putting too many on your phone can kill its performance.

To make things easier for you, this list has 10 of the top sports apps for live football and following your favorite teams and games. They are presented in alphabetical order, so be sure you keep reading the whole article in order to find the one or two that suit your needs best above all others! In order to take advantage of all the world has to offer, this list includes apps from across the English-speaking world to give you the most options and content possible.

1) CBS Sports:

CbsSports »
cbs spots app

This advanced sports streaming app is free for Android and iOS users alike. Enjoy live-streaming matches [soccer streaming] while you access the world's latest sports events and information.

Once you download this app and register it, you get to choose your favorite sports team or franchise, so this app can start giving you instant notifications from scores and statistics to lineups and schedules at regular intervals. Users get to follow eight games at once, even on a single screen. You can even use customized navigation to adjust this app's appearance, ranking which sports you consider the most important.

2) ESPN:

espn football app

You should recognize this name. In terms of sports broadcasting, there might not be anyone bigger or better at it. Their experience and content started with a single network, but lead to ESPN2, ESPN Classic, and others, many of which you can access through their app. Serving 100 million plus in North America each month, their stable of channels is growing all the time. Each one is active around the clock, giving you nonstop sports and analytics all the time.

(3) Flash Score App:

flash score app

This is a free app which can offer you details regarding your favorite teams by keeping you up to date with flashing information when you can't watch a live game or match. Users can follow live commentary in a text-based format alongside the essential updates. Use this app to get easy access to more than five thousand competitions across 30 different kinds of sports. Instant notifications mean you don't miss match timings and live scores.

4) La Liga TV:

LaligaTV »
laliga tv

This is a mobile app you can use to get access to live streaming of games. You can even access premium events and instant updates. If you see something you want to watch but can't do it until later, take advantage of the Watch Video Later section. This app starts free and doesn't take as much memory space on your phone or tablet as many other members of this list, although the content and sports covered might not be as broad.

5) LiveScore:

LiveScore »
live score app

Regardless of where you are in the world, what sport you want to track, and where that match or game is, this is the app that gives you fast access to the details you crave. This app sees wide use on both iOS and Android devices alike, giving fans that stats, news, and numbers they crave across the world's biggest sports.

Many users rate it highly for its interactive interface and power to work well even on slow connections. Don't have much data on your plan? This app might be your solution! Minimum requirements are a little higher than usual. Plan on having Android OS 2.0.1 or greater, or iOS 8 or better.

6) Mobdro:

Mobdro »
mobdro app store

This is a free and fantastic online app. Widely used for video streaming, it lets users initiate easy searching for the content they want. Unlike apps that work with only iOS and Android devices, this app is also compatible with Windows systems too. The bookmarking feature is one fun aspect that makes it easy to come back to things later, including the massive database of sport videos.

7) SuperSport:

SuperSport »
super sport live streaming app

This app lets you enjoy video streaming for football and other sports. If you're new to apps and streaming, you might find this one a great starting point given the user-friendly interface.

Another great benefit of SuperSport is the live commentary, match chats, and group chats. Get video highlights to catch up the action if you miss the live event you're interested in. Users can follow favorite teams or receive instant updates from games and matches. Notifications for upcoming events are also possible so you never forget dates, times, and other pertinent details.


UKTV Now »
uktv now  live streaming app

This is a content-rich application that widely supports many games, teams, leagues, and sports from around the world. This platform has quite a few add-ons available, so the customization possible is tremendous. The video is high in caliber, as is the audio content, and both are synchronized effectively. Fast response time keeps you up with live games, and notifications mean you're only a heartbeat away from the action.

9) YipTV:

YipTV »
yiptv streaming app

If you love international sports, then this platform is a great way to get access to channels that are never going to be on your local TV or cable lineup. The subscription model can best be described as freemium, meaning you can customize your experience to the right balance of what you need versus what you're willing to pay for. This growing platform gets better by the day, but at the time of writing already had more than 100 channels you can use.

10) 365 Scores:

365Scores »
365scores app

It has a lot of content about football, but it also covers highlights from across the sports world, especially tennis, soccer, football, and basketball, in case you love those too. You can get details from live notifications, videos, highlights, tournament brackets, and standings. A single user-friendly platform delivers all of this to you. In this application, you can watch each goal that happens just five minutes after it physically happened on the ground. You can customize notifications to have all your favorites brought to your attention in just one place.

If you're a fan of a particular football team or just love the whole game, then it's good to have a streaming application on your tablet or smartphone that lets you explore a bonanza of videos easily. Fortunately, the online world has many tools available for you to choose. Unfortunately, there might be too many of them. Use this list of the top 10 football and sports streaming apps in order to narrow your search to something great that works for you.

Before you start ripping through the list, make sure your phone has the latest updates and software available as some of them require that in order to even run in the first place. Also make sure that you have plenty of space available for storage so that the apps have room to download and then install. Keep in mind that you want to keep more than half of your storage space available even after installations so that your phone's performance doesn't start to suffer.

Football streaming Apps For iPhone and Android

top 10 live football streaming apps

Football Streaming Apps

Also check out your data plan to see how much you use every month. These apps might not wait for WiFi signals for updates unless you restrict them to doing so, and a number of them will download updates for all sports, which can eat your up data much faster than just paying attention to your favorite teams. Even after you start using only one or two apps, check with your carrier to see how fast you're burning through data, especially if you do a lot of video streaming.

Something else to keep an eye on is your phone battery. Not every app takes as much power as the others, but the ones that do the most can drain your phone a lot faster than you're used to seeing happen. Given that, adjust your charging accordingly so that you don't wind up having a dead phone when you're still out and about, much less when you're trying to watch clips, a game, or just track scores.

Fortunately, it doesn't take much to find the right app that keeps you up with football without costing a lot of data or juice.

4 Ways To Find Best Soccer Streaming App

Here's how you can find an app that will let you watch football on the go.

Ask Your Friends For Recommendations

You probably have a lot of friends that love football just as much as you do. There's a good chance that some of your pals have had the chance to try out some of these streaming apps. Reach out to people and see if there are any apps they'd be comfortable recommending to you.

If your friends rely on an app, you'll probably love that app too. Don't be afraid to ask people if there's an app that you should be using. Check in with people and see which apps they use when they want to stream football games.

football streaming app

Read Lots Of Reviews

Obviously, you're going to want to make sure that any app you use has received a lot of praise. You should take the time to look at reviews. See what people have been saying about the different apps that are on the market.

You may interest to see websites like wiziwig (wiziwig was a free football streaming site, unfortunately, this site has been closed.)

An app that has mixed reviews probably isn't going to live up to your expectation. However, an app that people have been raving over is definitely the kind of thing that you'll want to check out. If you're aiming to find the best apps, you need to be looking at reviews.

Decide Whether Or Not You're Willing To Pay

Some streaming apps are free to use. Other apps require you to pay a free, while other apps require some sort of subscription services. There are options out there for everyone, which is why it's up to you to decide whether or not this is something you want to pay for.

Typically, paid apps are more reliable. Apps that charge fees might have options that free apps don't have. When apps are free, they're usually funded through ads, which means you'll occasionally have to check out an ad before you can see the game. There are pros and cons to both types of apps. Figure out what you want to spend on your app.

Find An App You're Comfortable Using

Using an app to stream video should never be a hassle. It should be easy for you to watch football with the app that you choose. It's a good idea to check out a few different apps so that you can find something you're completely comfortable with.

If an app is free, you can download and try it out before you make a decision. If an app isn't free, you might want to look at videos that showcase the app. See if this is something that you'd want to use.

A football streaming app will allow you to catch games no matter where you are. It's okay if you're stuck at work or have to go to a family party. You'll be able to use the app to stream the games you really want to see.

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